Thursday, May 3, 2012

I'm back .

Hello Blog world.  I'm back with my summer blog.  Excited to work on it again.  All year I have been constantly doing my nails and have been consistantly adding to my nail polish collection.  OPI is still my favorite brand.  Although this year, the collections just haven't been for me.  Normally I'll get at least a couple from each collection.  This year, I've only took a liking to the NYC Ballet set.  I picked up 4 of the 6 and absolutely love them!  I love the jelly finish and the glitter top coat is beautiful.  I've been wearing them all through the month of April (no pics).  This month, I've pulled out my OPI Texas sorbets.  After a month of softshades, I needed something bright.  The finish is the same as the NYC ballet set.  I'm now into that semi shear look.  I just took off the orange mani and now wish I has taken a picture to start off my blog.  Thats okay, I should have an actual mani to show by this weekend.  I just painted my nails but need to charge my camera. 

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