Saturday, May 19, 2012

Cuticle Care

May 22, 2012 Update:
It's been only three days and my cuticles are much better.  Using the pure Vitamin E really helps.  I also picked up a nonacetone remover.  I was told that using pure acetone poisons your inner body.  It absorbs through your cuticles and is not healthy.  I don't know the details but that was enough for me to switch removers.  It takes longer with the nonacetone to remove polish and feels a little sticky.  I'm going to think twice before applying any glitter polish.  I can't imagine removal-even with using the foil method.  At least now I'm on my way to healthier cuticles. 

It's the end of the day and I wanted to do one more post before I go to sleep. All day I've been nursing my cuticles with Neosporin and Vitamin E. I wash my hands a lot and had to reapply frequently. My cuticles are really messed up at the moment. I use cuticle oil daily and still my cuticles got wrecked. I change my polish every few days with Acetone remover, I don't always wear rubber gloves when I use household cleaners, and of course there are always dishes to wash. Even laundry seems to dry out my fingers. I had gotten 3 hangnails this past week. I nipped them with cuticle scissors and cut them too short. Result-swollen, sore cuticles. Two days ago,, I started using Vitamin E. Today, I applied Neosporin about four times. No nipping cuticles ever again. If anyone has a better idea for cuticle care (products, routines), please let me know.
OPI Avoplex is my daily oil.  I picked up the Sally Hansen
"Healthy Cuticles Now!" cream
when my cuticles started drying out.

I paid around $6 and was annoyed to find that the jar wasn't even filled.
I went back into exchange it (I had opened the jar in the car).  All of them were like this. 
Right now I'm just using pure Vitamin E 28,000 I.U. and Neosporin.
(Both were already in my medicine cabinet)

This is my fingers in recovery.  My ring finger is still swollen.

I'm wearing OPI I Pink I Love You. Since I'm taking a break from frequent polish
change, I alternated white and silver shatter to change it up a little.  This is my
official recovery nail look. = )  I find the color combo soothing to look at.  I'm weird like

I like this color so much, I might actually use it all up.  It doesn't help that
its a 3 coat polish.

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