Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Save Me

Here is a polish that I passed up on in January.  This is "Save Me" from OPIs Nicki Minaj collection. Each polish is named after one of her songs. I finally saw it in person and had to get it..  Its a fun glitter, full of holographic bar glitter and silver glitter.  One coat is good for layering, add a second coat for full coverage. 

Save Me sparkles like crazy in thr sun.  Very flashy when I'm driving.
It was a little too flashy for me and I removed it within a couple days.
Removal was fairly easy, although there was some stray glitter stuck to
my skin.

This initially was "Into The Night" with "Save Me" layered over.
I wanted more of the bar glitter effect and ended up covering the blue.
I used Konad stamp plate S1 for the rose image.

This is the album cover to Nicki Minaj's single "Save Me".  She is a very
colorful  person and I think the colors in this collection represent her fairly well.

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