Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween everyone!  Tonight we are going to stay in and watch movies since its a school night. My girls and I went to the mall event this past Saturday and that was their Halloween.  My three year old also has a event at school today so she will probably sleep early.   I feel like it's been Halloween all month.  We decorated at the beginning of the month and every Friday they have been practicing Trick or Treating around the house.  We've done halloween art projects, watched halloween cartoons, baked cookies, and I've been doing halloween manicures throughtout the month.  The pumpkin was also carved two weeks ago.  Everything we did was staggered because I didn't want to overwhelm the girls by doing everything around the same time.  Trick or Treating at their age is one big event as it is.
Today I'm showing you one of the designs I did for the Bundle Monster design contest that didn't make the entry.  I used OPI Funky Donkey as the base and sponged Milani Silver Dazzle on the tips.  The ring finger was SC Neon Melon as a base and using a reenforcer, I brushed on Funky Donkey.  All stamps was from the 2012 BM plate set.  X-treme Wear Celeb City was used to do the stamping.

Have a safe, Happy Halloween! Please watch out for the children who are out trick or treating tonight.

Friday, October 26, 2012


This is my only post this week.  That's a first.  Life has been busy and I haven't had time to change my nails or edit pics.  One of the things I have going this week is my daughter's school book fair.  I'm one of the volunteers and have been having fun doing it and meeting a lot of really nice people.  After the book fair this afternoon, I start a cooking class that is also at school.  It's a four week course and I get to learn some healthy, cost efficient recipes. 
Today I am showing you MAC Formidable. It was a lemming for a long time and I'm happy that it is now part of their permanent line. I used two coats but could have gone for three for full coverage. It went on smooth and dried fairly quick without a top coat. There is blue glitter in the polish that gives it a nice blue flash. I then stamped the spiderwebs and spiders with Bundle Monster BM13 using Konad white polish. I would probably wear this combo again even if its not October. It's subtle but interesting to look at.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Moon Candy Meteor

There are two new colors added to the Revlon Moon Candy line.  Eclipse and Meteor.  Today I used Meteor.  The base is an army green that needed two coats for opacity.  I brushed on a coat of Fantasy Makers Glow in the Dark polish.  I think it needed two coats because I don't see a glow.  The flakies went on very smooth in one coat and gave good coverage. More coverage than Galactic.  The flakies flash green, gold, and teal.  Fimo stars completed this manicure.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Mystery Half Moon

I've been wanting to try a half-moon mani for quite some time now.  Now I can mark that off my list.  I paired WNW Fastdry in Twining Vines with OPI DS Mystery.  Because of the greenish glitter in Mystery, the two polishes compliment each other well.  I still need more practice using the reinforcement labels. This was taken after a couple days of use-hence the tip wear.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Halloween Nails

Here is another Halloween design.  I used 2 coats of OPI Into the Night. Below my cuticles is Icing Glamourous (a holographic glitter).  I have been neglecting my cuticles and am a little embarrassed to show them. The stamping was with Konad white polish and this years Bundle Monster plates.  I finally used the Batman fimo.  I kept this on for a few days and was kind of bummed to remove it.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Bundle Monster Fright Night

Today I'm showing my entry for the Bundle Monster Fright Night contest.  I was so excited when I saw the contest post.  I had in my mind exactly what I was going to do.  It was my idea for my Halloween mani.  I did it and then decided not to enter it and I came up with a new design.  First I used Sinful Colors Slate and then used the saran technique with OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls. So easy and it has a nice effect.  This is my first time trying it. I brushed on a coat of I Juggle Men so it would have a subtle shimmer.  I used my BM series 3 plates to do the stamping and added a little fimo to complete it.  I thought the fimo was a mummy, but looking at it close up I'm not sure.  I wanted to create a black and white scary movie feel and then I had to come up with a title.  The best I could do was "Creatures in the Fog".  Not the most creative title.  Open voting starts tommorrow.  Please check it out.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Moon Candy Galactic

I really like the flaky variation in the Moon Candy collection.  It goes on sparse and look like little lights on my fingers.  I didn't have a problem applying it, I just brushed it on.  Some of the edges do stick up and feel like tiny rocks stuck in my polish.  I don't mind since I'm used to having gems or fimos on my nails.  Today I'm using Galactic.  The blue cream is a one coater that I used only on my ring finger.  It is so dark, it almost looks black.  I'm going to save this color for stamping.  The rest of my nails are WNW Blue Moon.  It's a dark blue that has a teal shimmer in it.  It has a nice effect paired with the blue flakies.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

I wanted to due a pink ribbon manicure for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This was going to be simple and quick to do. So I thought. Reality, I did my nails when I really didn't have time to do them. It's a surprise I didn't totally ruin it. I started with 2 coats of My Boyfriend Scales Walls. I was just finishing my pinkie when there was a knock on door. I dinged a nail shutting my lamp and somehow got my thumbs stuck together while unlocking my screen door. I'm a novice couponer and my aunt was dropping some coupons off for me. After some time I started painting two coats of I Pink I Love You. Of course that's when my daughter has a breakdown over not being able to dress her doll. Brushed over a coat of Out the Door and settled the issue. Started dinner, cleaned the kitchen, put both girls in the tub. My little one usually stays in the tub and plays for a while (I have a hard time getting her out sometimes). I thought I had enough time to stamp my nails. Just did the last stamp and I see her climbing out of the tub. I wish she would do that all the time. Dried her up and changed her before I did a top coat. Most of the design stayed in tack. Did a quick top coat of Revlon quick dry. Why didn't I wait until the girls went to sleep you ask? Well after they sleep, I need a shower, get everything together for the next day, and actually do some studying before I can't keep my eyes open. 

Friday, October 5, 2012

The Color of Minnie

I couldn't wait to try on this beautiful cherry red.  This is 2 coats of The Color of Minnie from OPIs Vintage Minnie collection.  So,so pretty! I tried to do a "Minnie" design, but this is the best I could come up with.  The hearts are Jordana Pink Hearts.  I applied them with a dotting tool.  I grabbed the dotting tool that I used for my mouse head by accident and that is why there is black on my pointer finger.
This color did stain upon removal.  It is worth it though. 
Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

September Haul

I usually don't post my monthly haul, but I was really excited about my new additions.  This was acquired throughtout the month of September and not all at once.  I got everything I wanted and a few extras.  I've been stalking Walgreens every Tuesday all month to see if the Lustre Shines or the Moon Candy collection had arrived.  The Sally Hansen Lustre Shines had arrived the Tuesday I didn't go (my daughter had a high fever).  On Wednesday the display was half gone.  Lava and Moonstone were the only two that I wanted and it was still there.  Yeah!  That same day at Target, there were a few Moon Candies laying down on a bottom shelf.  I snatched up Cosmic, Universe, and Galactic.  I can't wait to try those!  I even found the Revlon Halloween stencils.  I got the spider design (not pictured).  I won't be buying any polishes in October.  I want to try all of my new goodies, there is a list of preplanned October manis to do, and there is nothing left that is in the store or coming out that I want.
Galactic, Cosmic, Universe, No Plain Jane, Unpredictable, Moonstone, Lava

My post is not over, I didn't tell you about the China Glazes.  My local Trade Secrets now has a very modest rack with the new CG Magnetix, Lustre Chromes, and a few from the On Safari collection.  They also had a Buy 3 Get 3 at 75% off.  I picked up 2 Lustre Chromes (No Plain Jane and Unpredictable) and 2 On Safari (Jungle Queen and Kalahari Kiss).  Since there were no other CG that I wanted, I picked up My Boyfriend Scales Walls (wanted since it came out) and The Color of Minnie (really glad I got it) from OPI.  Macys is right outside Trade Secrets and since I'm hauling polish, I might as well get MACS Formidable (a lemming for a long time).  Deep Sea looked like it had a shimmer on the swatch.  It came home too.  It's a cream and in the same color family as OPI Ski Teal We Drop.  Obviously not the same color, but a green cousin.  I rarely use STWD and was disappointed I got it.  It is also a dupe for Khloe Had a Little Lam-Lam which is half the price.   

Jungle Queen, Kalahari Kiss, My Boyfriend Scales Walls, The Color Of Minnie, CND Jade Sparkle, CND Crimson Sparkle

Essie Braziliant, Super Bosa Nova, Smooth Sailing, SC Polar Opposites (magnetic), WNW Night Prowl, and Blue Moon

Formidable and Deep Sea
I wore Jungle Queen for a day before using No Plain Jane as an accent.  Jungle Queen had a subtle blue flash.  Very smooth formula and dried fairly quick.  No Plain Jane is just a chrome and not a douchrome.  This is 2 coats over Jungle Queen.

I really wanted to try my other colors and painted over Jungle Queen.  Deep Sea on pinky, Unpredicable on middle, Formidable on pointer.

Okay, that's my Haul/Confession.  Hope you enjoyed my post!

Monday, October 1, 2012


Buenos Dias everyone! It's October already.  I've been looking forward to starting my October manis. I have a whole list of ideas that I want to do. I'm starting the month off with a pumpkin orange color that I got from Ross's a couple weeks ago. It came in a three pack for $8.99. All three colors are from ESSIE's 2011 summer Braziliant collection. Included was Smooth Sailing, Super Bosa Nova, and Braziliant. All three are versatile colors and can be worn throughout the year.
Braziliant is an orange that has a pink flash. This is 3 coats of Braziliant, 1 coat CND Jade Sparkle, and topped off with a coat of SH X-Treme Wear in Set the Stage (sparse chunky gold glitter).