Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween everyone!  Tonight we are going to stay in and watch movies since its a school night. My girls and I went to the mall event this past Saturday and that was their Halloween.  My three year old also has a event at school today so she will probably sleep early.   I feel like it's been Halloween all month.  We decorated at the beginning of the month and every Friday they have been practicing Trick or Treating around the house.  We've done halloween art projects, watched halloween cartoons, baked cookies, and I've been doing halloween manicures throughtout the month.  The pumpkin was also carved two weeks ago.  Everything we did was staggered because I didn't want to overwhelm the girls by doing everything around the same time.  Trick or Treating at their age is one big event as it is.
Today I'm showing you one of the designs I did for the Bundle Monster design contest that didn't make the entry.  I used OPI Funky Donkey as the base and sponged Milani Silver Dazzle on the tips.  The ring finger was SC Neon Melon as a base and using a reenforcer, I brushed on Funky Donkey.  All stamps was from the 2012 BM plate set.  X-treme Wear Celeb City was used to do the stamping.

Have a safe, Happy Halloween! Please watch out for the children who are out trick or treating tonight.

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