Monday, October 8, 2012

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

I wanted to due a pink ribbon manicure for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This was going to be simple and quick to do. So I thought. Reality, I did my nails when I really didn't have time to do them. It's a surprise I didn't totally ruin it. I started with 2 coats of My Boyfriend Scales Walls. I was just finishing my pinkie when there was a knock on door. I dinged a nail shutting my lamp and somehow got my thumbs stuck together while unlocking my screen door. I'm a novice couponer and my aunt was dropping some coupons off for me. After some time I started painting two coats of I Pink I Love You. Of course that's when my daughter has a breakdown over not being able to dress her doll. Brushed over a coat of Out the Door and settled the issue. Started dinner, cleaned the kitchen, put both girls in the tub. My little one usually stays in the tub and plays for a while (I have a hard time getting her out sometimes). I thought I had enough time to stamp my nails. Just did the last stamp and I see her climbing out of the tub. I wish she would do that all the time. Dried her up and changed her before I did a top coat. Most of the design stayed in tack. Did a quick top coat of Revlon quick dry. Why didn't I wait until the girls went to sleep you ask? Well after they sleep, I need a shower, get everything together for the next day, and actually do some studying before I can't keep my eyes open.