Wednesday, October 3, 2012

September Haul

I usually don't post my monthly haul, but I was really excited about my new additions.  This was acquired throughtout the month of September and not all at once.  I got everything I wanted and a few extras.  I've been stalking Walgreens every Tuesday all month to see if the Lustre Shines or the Moon Candy collection had arrived.  The Sally Hansen Lustre Shines had arrived the Tuesday I didn't go (my daughter had a high fever).  On Wednesday the display was half gone.  Lava and Moonstone were the only two that I wanted and it was still there.  Yeah!  That same day at Target, there were a few Moon Candies laying down on a bottom shelf.  I snatched up Cosmic, Universe, and Galactic.  I can't wait to try those!  I even found the Revlon Halloween stencils.  I got the spider design (not pictured).  I won't be buying any polishes in October.  I want to try all of my new goodies, there is a list of preplanned October manis to do, and there is nothing left that is in the store or coming out that I want.
Galactic, Cosmic, Universe, No Plain Jane, Unpredictable, Moonstone, Lava

My post is not over, I didn't tell you about the China Glazes.  My local Trade Secrets now has a very modest rack with the new CG Magnetix, Lustre Chromes, and a few from the On Safari collection.  They also had a Buy 3 Get 3 at 75% off.  I picked up 2 Lustre Chromes (No Plain Jane and Unpredictable) and 2 On Safari (Jungle Queen and Kalahari Kiss).  Since there were no other CG that I wanted, I picked up My Boyfriend Scales Walls (wanted since it came out) and The Color of Minnie (really glad I got it) from OPI.  Macys is right outside Trade Secrets and since I'm hauling polish, I might as well get MACS Formidable (a lemming for a long time).  Deep Sea looked like it had a shimmer on the swatch.  It came home too.  It's a cream and in the same color family as OPI Ski Teal We Drop.  Obviously not the same color, but a green cousin.  I rarely use STWD and was disappointed I got it.  It is also a dupe for Khloe Had a Little Lam-Lam which is half the price.   

Jungle Queen, Kalahari Kiss, My Boyfriend Scales Walls, The Color Of Minnie, CND Jade Sparkle, CND Crimson Sparkle

Essie Braziliant, Super Bosa Nova, Smooth Sailing, SC Polar Opposites (magnetic), WNW Night Prowl, and Blue Moon

Formidable and Deep Sea
I wore Jungle Queen for a day before using No Plain Jane as an accent.  Jungle Queen had a subtle blue flash.  Very smooth formula and dried fairly quick.  No Plain Jane is just a chrome and not a douchrome.  This is 2 coats over Jungle Queen.

I really wanted to try my other colors and painted over Jungle Queen.  Deep Sea on pinky, Unpredicable on middle, Formidable on pointer.

Okay, that's my Haul/Confession.  Hope you enjoyed my post!

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