Friday, June 28, 2013

The Bundle Monster Holiday Plates Have Arrived!!!

The 2013 Bundle Monster plates are now available.  This year they did a holiday/special occasion theme.  I wasted no time ordering my set.  I wanted to get them in time for the 4th of July.  For disclaimer purposes, I did pay for the set with my own funds.

I'm really liking the tree design.

Totally awesome Thanksgiving designs!!! 

The wedding plate is so great for anniversaries.  Along with some
number stamps to represent the years of wedded bliss.

Sorry for the blurry image.  I didn't notice until I was cropping and didn't have the
lighting to retake.   I can't wait to get to use this plate!

This is the plate that was the immediate selling point for me.  I've been trying to decide
what I was going to do and this is what I needed.  

So did anyone else place their order and which plate are you most excited about?

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Summer Tribal

There are so many fun polishes to try this summer-liquid sand, fuzzy coats, and all the vivid summer colors.  It could run a polish hoarder broke.  I have been showing restraint and have been very selective about my purchases.  The Sally Hansen Insta-Dri has some vivid limited edition colors with a swim team theme.  I only grabbed one that was truly unique to my collection, Man-Go Team.  It's not really a mango color, more of a fluorescent  cantaloupe.  Sally Hansen also released Sugar Coats and Fuzzy Coats.  The Sugar Coats didn't appeal to me, but I have a love/hate relationship with the Fuzzy Coats.  I love the idea of it, it costs less than Nails Inc. and is more readily available, plus all of the color combo possibilities.  The part I have been having trouble with is removing it.  The "fuzzies" seem to be plastic bar glitter that does not remove easily.  Not any harder than a glitter bomb, it takes just as much effort. 
For the tribal. I used Man-go Team on the middle and ring and also for the stamping (Insta-Dri polishes are great stampers).  I taped it off and used 2 generous coats of All Yarned Up.   For the base on the pointer and pinkie is the duochrome version of Not Like the Movies. 

Monday, June 10, 2013

Liquid Sand Jinx

It feels like a really long time since I last blogged.  Ever since Summer break started, the three of us have been ill.  The girls are still not their best and I have an ear infection that doesn't seem to be responding to the prescribed meds I got.  It's now officially two weeks that we've been sick.  We still have been doing our Summer activities minus the trips to the beach.  My daughter had an appointment on a neighbor island and I think that the pressure of riding in an airplane might have caused my ear infection.  My daughter and I also have allergies.  We've been taking allergy meds, mucinex, antibiotics, ibuprofen.  I have a mini pharmacy in my cabinet.  It's just been exhausting. 
On one of our mini travels, I picked up Jinx from the OPI Bond Girls set.  I've seen other brand textured polish, but they look like stucco.  I like the sparkle of the Liquid Sands.  I might pick up a couple more from this set.  Jinx is a perfect shade for Summer.  I did a matching mani/pedi with it.  In pictures, it looks bright red orange, but it's a toned down coral in person. I did two coats over a base coat. I added When Monkeys Fly with Revlon Matte Top Coat as an accent for some added bling.