Monday, June 10, 2013

Liquid Sand Jinx

It feels like a really long time since I last blogged.  Ever since Summer break started, the three of us have been ill.  The girls are still not their best and I have an ear infection that doesn't seem to be responding to the prescribed meds I got.  It's now officially two weeks that we've been sick.  We still have been doing our Summer activities minus the trips to the beach.  My daughter had an appointment on a neighbor island and I think that the pressure of riding in an airplane might have caused my ear infection.  My daughter and I also have allergies.  We've been taking allergy meds, mucinex, antibiotics, ibuprofen.  I have a mini pharmacy in my cabinet.  It's just been exhausting. 
On one of our mini travels, I picked up Jinx from the OPI Bond Girls set.  I've seen other brand textured polish, but they look like stucco.  I like the sparkle of the Liquid Sands.  I might pick up a couple more from this set.  Jinx is a perfect shade for Summer.  I did a matching mani/pedi with it.  In pictures, it looks bright red orange, but it's a toned down coral in person. I did two coats over a base coat. I added When Monkeys Fly with Revlon Matte Top Coat as an accent for some added bling.