Friday, November 9, 2012

Grape purples

I was in a purple mood so I reached for my favorite grape purple- Funky Dunkey. I then sponged over Grape, Set, Match over. The gradient is really subtle. My Funkey Dunkey has reached the halfway level in the bottle and I've only had it for less than two years. I didn't realize I wore it that much. I was going through my stamp plates and ended up choosing something I've done before using BM-323. Barbed wire (Celeb City) with fimo roses alternating with full roses (The Color of Minnie). I sealed everything using Out the Door. I like this version better than the black/white one I did. It's less "in you face".

Monday, November 5, 2012

All That Glitters

I told myself I was going to skip this years Mac Holiday collection. Then I saw it in person and all rational thinking went out the door.  The MAC girl even remembered me from last year. I went cuckoo over the Glitter and Ice showcase. This years Glamour Daze isn't as great to me ( thank goodness) but I did find the perfect lipstick for me in "Innocence".  It was already sold out online. I also finished my collection of SE brushes with the pink "classic" set. Two of The fluid liners were the first items I went home with and last I grabbed All That Glitters polish. I was nervous when I approached the display and is wasn't there. The MAC girl had 2 left which made my final decision to buy it. All That Glitters is a black polish with pink and blue glitter. It is a two coater and dries fairly quick. No problems with streaking and it dries to a matte. I used a top coat but it sucked it up and feels grainy. Wear time was only a day. By the following evening, all nails had a lot of chipping along the tips. I didn't need remover, everything flaked off by the time I came out of the shower that night. Glitter polish does chip fast but this one takes the cake. 

Friday, November 2, 2012

Here Today, Aragon Tommorrow

November is here and there is no shortage of activities and events.  I think I have something going every weekend of this month.  I'm going to have to check what I previously commiited for.   Hopefully I can still keep up doing my nails and posting them.  I have a list of ideas for this month that I'd like to use.  Today is something that I've had in a folder for a few months.  It was for a guest post that didn't happen.  This is OPI Here Today, Aragon Tommorrow.  It's a classic in my books.  I used BM-316 with OPI Happy Anniversary and alternated with BM Fimo Flowers to brighten things up.


This is two coats of Lustre Shine Lava over OPI Flit a Bit (orange cream). Lava is sheer and I wanted to try it over a color. I thought I would really like Lava, but I'm really not that impressed with it. The strong duochrome is there, it flashes pink/orange.  I was hoping it would be more opaque with a red/orange duochrome. I added some Cosmic flakies from Revlons Moon Candy. Even though I'm not happy with it, I've gotten quite a few comments on this color.  I'll try layering it over another color and see if I can find a combo that I'm satisfied with.
All pics were taken indoors.  I didn't get a chance to take pictures in direct sunlight.