Monday, November 5, 2012

All That Glitters

I told myself I was going to skip this years Mac Holiday collection. Then I saw it in person and all rational thinking went out the door.  The MAC girl even remembered me from last year. I went cuckoo over the Glitter and Ice showcase. This years Glamour Daze isn't as great to me ( thank goodness) but I did find the perfect lipstick for me in "Innocence".  It was already sold out online. I also finished my collection of SE brushes with the pink "classic" set. Two of The fluid liners were the first items I went home with and last I grabbed All That Glitters polish. I was nervous when I approached the display and is wasn't there. The MAC girl had 2 left which made my final decision to buy it. All That Glitters is a black polish with pink and blue glitter. It is a two coater and dries fairly quick. No problems with streaking and it dries to a matte. I used a top coat but it sucked it up and feels grainy. Wear time was only a day. By the following evening, all nails had a lot of chipping along the tips. I didn't need remover, everything flaked off by the time I came out of the shower that night. Glitter polish does chip fast but this one takes the cake. 

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  1. I hate it when glitter chips! This is pretty though! Im going to check out that lipstick, I need a new one/color!