Thursday, May 31, 2012

My Private Jet

Okay, I know everyone has seen this swatched a hundred times over.  This (of course) is the non holo version of OPIs "My Private Jet" from the Night Bright collection that also included "Give Me The Moon" and "OPI Ink".  I like both versions of this polish.  They are two completely different colors and should have had different names
Tonight I felt in the mood for a darker, nonsummer color.  I decided on MPJ.  It reminds me of a light rainy night sky in the city.  The way that the red and yellow lights reflect off the soft rain drops.  Haha, talk about imagination running wild.  This version of MPJ has a soft sparkle in the reddish brown base.  My bottle is runny and making a mess of my cuticles. Looks like I painted my nails with my eyes closed.   I'm using two coats, even though I could get away with only one.

This is showing up as charcoal, but it is actually brown.
Before I went to sleep, I rubbed vitamin E into my cuticles.  The next morning, cleanup was very minimal.

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