Tuesday, May 8, 2012

My Pointe Exactly Jelly Sandwich

 Two nights ago I decided to do a jelly sandwich using the new "My Pointe Exactly" from the OPI NYC Ballet collection.  It's a sheer gray jelly, a very unique color.  The possibilities for this polish is only limited to your imagination.  If you like to Konad stamp or do jelly sandwiches, this is a must for your collection.  I paired it with Milanis Jewel FX in "Teal". 
My light box finally has a lamp.  My camera, however, was not playing nicely. 
My sweetie took this pic with his phone.  It turned out way better than the many attempts
I tried with my camera.  Thanks babe!

I started off with the intention to do a basic jelly sandwich. It just didn't seem complete.  I kept
adding to it and this was the finished result.  This is a total of 7 coats.  I did it before
 going to bed.  I expected some dings.  The next morning is was flawless and glossy. 
 I skipped the base coat this time. 
  • 2 coats My Pointe Exactly
  • 1 coat Milani Teal
  • 1 coat My Pointe Exactly
  • Sally Hansen Quick dry top coat
  • Teal Accent nail/ Konad stamp m79 using Konad white polish
  • Konad special polish top coat
  • added gems and topped it off with Seche Vite

On another note, I wanted to show you guys a Gyotaku print my soon to be 3 year did.  I never heard of it before and thought it pretty cool.  You paint an actual fish and do a rubbing of it.
"Gyo" means fish and "Taku" means rubbing or impression.  Japanese fishermen used to do it hundreds of years ago as a way to record their catch.  Now its a form of art done with rice paper.

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