Sunday, May 13, 2012

Into The Night (The Amazing Spiderman)

 I actually picked up one of the OPI Amazing Spiderman shades.  This is "Into The Night".  It's a beautiful frost/shimmer.  In the bottle, it reminds me of satin.  This is 2 coats.  The first coat was sheer, but the second coat made it opaque.  Application was smooth.  I wasn't going to get any of the colors because I thought they weren't that unique.  When I walked in the salon, this blue caught my eye.  Pictures cannot capture the glow of this polish.  It's my new favorite blue.  I want to wear this all the time. 
 This collection has a green shatter.  It represents the lizard and just didn't seem right to pair it with this blue.  I picked up Red Shatter instead.  This looks more Spiderman to me.  It's a fast, easy manicure that I really like.  The red shatter went on smooth and it cracked nicely.  It has the consistency of black shatter.  My white, teal, and silver do not shatter this well.  The white is thicker, the teal and silver do not show that much of the color beneath.  There are other colors that I want to use the red over and I will do a "Red Shatter" Spam Post when I get around to trying all my combos.  Just when I thought I was over the whole crackle/shatter trend, this red got me excited all over again.

The Comic Book Version

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