Thursday, August 11, 2011

Milani 3D polish

After doing two dark in a row (I didn't post DS Fantasy, a very dark blue), I wanted to lighten up.  I love to do two tones with the Milani 3D colors.  They are so perfect with it.  It always looks airbrushed.  This combo is Cyberspace (blue) and Hi-Res (purple).  So pretty.  Application is smooth.  I wish the brushes weren't so narrow. 

 This morning I decided to Konad fish to finish off my mani.  I didn't use a topcoat this time because it always smears and I wanted a good picture.  I took this pic by a sunny window and it made the colors look washed out. I'll repost a better pic later.
I used Konad m27.  I first tried it with the small stamp for better placement.  With this plate, the larger stamp works better.  The large stamp picks up the design better and placement wasn't a problem.   *Now I'm my posts are all caught up.   :)  As I was going through my polishes, I created a basket with all my untrieds.  Sept. I'm going to try to swatch them all.  Turns out it was mostly all my polishes due to all the recent hauls that I've been doing.  Up until May. I just had 2 bottles of Sally Hansen and a set of bright minis from Claires.  Yep that's it.  I had moved and tossed out everything I had minus 1. (there was an OPI and 4 China Glaze that got thrown) With 2 children under age 2 at the moment, I had no time or desire to paint my nails.  I think I had about 30 bottles that I had acquired throughout my teen years and never bought polish after that.  After this month I'm easing off the polish buying.  I'm going to enjoy all the beautiful new colors I have. 

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