Monday, March 18, 2013

Teenage Dream

Happy Monday everyone.  The children are out on Spring Break this week.  Not sure what we are doing today.  Maybe garden,  fly kites, or kick back and watch a movie.  Maybe all of the above.   Today, I have a light and fun manicure to show you that fits in with our day.  This is one of the January posts that I'm going through.  When I opened it up, I was surprised to find that this post had been sitting in my draft folder completely finished.  I'm not sure why it  never got posted.  I opened it up and everything was complete.  Pictures were where it should be, labels and search description filled.  It was just never scheduled.

I had run out of my mini bottle within the first three weeks of purchase a couple of Januarys ago. I picked up a new bottle within that year. I finally got around to using it. That's what happens when you own a lot of polishes, it takes awhile before the same color gets used again. Eons ago, someone recommended Teenage Dream over Rumples Wiggin. I've had it on my "To Try" list ever since. I used two coats of each color. The result is very pretty and feminine. Of course this look can be achieved over any lilac or lavender tone. The delicate pink glitter in Teenage Dream stands out nicely over lilac.

I added some clouds using Konad m79.

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