Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Lights of Emerald City

Oh my, another month is gone and a whole bunch of pictures are in my camera waiting to be posted.  Hopefully I'll be able to get everything up this month.  I'm still having trouble with my computer uploading pictures to my blog.  I have to toggle between the laptop and Ipad.  Which resulted in my extensive February Haul post being deleted TWICE.  I didn't have time to rewrite it again.  What happened was that I was writing the post on my laptop and emailing the pictures to the Ipad to be inserted.  Even though the writing was saved, the pictures kept deleting everything that came after where that picture should be.  The pics show up scripted on the Ipads Blogger app and mixed in with what I write.  I have to save to keep the pictures in and then hit refresh on the laptop.  Once I do that, the Back button won't bring my writing back.  Anyway, shows how much I know about computers. 

Today I am home sick and can't get much done except maybe my nails and a post to go with it.  I am using OPIs Lights of Emerald City from the new Great and Powerful Oz collection.  I got this one and When Monkeys Fly.  
I tried LoEC over a purple initially and it reminded me of the lantern scene from Disneys Tangled.  The second attempt is over 2 coats of Who the Shrek are You? (OPI) and a coat of Milani 3D holographic in Hi-Tech.  I wanted it to look like "The Lights of Emerald City"  but it looks more like a field of dandelions to me.  Which is fine.  It's perfect for Spring.

I used 2 coats of LoEC.


I'm not sure if my pics are blurry or it's just me.  I can't see from my left eye clearly today and everything just looks hazy.  I didn't edit my pictures either.  *note- I added 3 more edited pictures.  They look kind of blurry also.  I took indoor and outdoor. 
Another note- the pictures loaded from the laptop after four attempts.  It always says server failed.


  1. I love this over the Shrek green! I've mostly only seen it with darker or more neutral colours, but you're right--this is all kinds of dandelion cute and great for spring! I could totally see it as the lantern scene over purple too (I love that movie so hard ;p).

    Hope you feel better, Cindy, and good luck with your computer!

    1. Thank you for your comment. My house is full of Tangled fans. It was my first thought upon seeing the color combo.

  2. This is sweet! I've tried it over a few colours, including light green, and I definitely like it with light green best :D

    1. I have yet to try it over other colors other than green and purple. I'm thinking maybe a sky blue next. :D