Saturday, March 23, 2013

Sugar Rush Inspired

Today, I have a triple inspired design.  My surroundings are always my inspiration when it comes to nail designs.  I keep a book that  I jot down ideas in and check it off as they make it onto my nails.  This idea started with the Sinful Colors Sugar Rush display itself.  I liked it so much that I brought the sign home and hung it in my daughter's room.

The next idea came from the Pinkalicious book series.  We read stories every night and this is one of our favorites.  The illustrations and color combos are pretty and make great gradient ideas.  I had jotted a gradient idea down and wrote Revlon Heavenly to mimic the stars.

My last inspiration was for the stamping.  My daughters just got the La-la-Oopsies DVD.  There are little fairies in the movie that sleep in berry sleeping bags and reminded me of a nail plate I have.

Yeah, my world is full of sugar, spice, and everything nice.  Ballerinas, fairies, rainbows, ponies, the whole deal.

So..on to the manicure.

I used three of the Sinful Colors Sugar Rush polishes.  Sugar n Spice (dark pink) as the base.  Sponged on Orange Cream and brushed the tips with Unicorn (a yellow that is also in their permanent collection).  I brushed a coat of Revlon Heavenly over everything.  The stamping was done using Bundle Monster plates BM-306, BM-301, and BM02.  The purple color was Revlon Moon Candy in Orbit. Which I knocked off the table along with a white polish and it splattered on my carpet.  At this time my fingertips and the sides had purple on them.  Also used were Konad green and OPI Paint my Moji-Toes Red.  After the spill, I used OPI Siberian Nights to finish the purple stamping.  After cleanup and some re-stamping I topped it off with Revon Matte top coat.
This design had a lot of inspiration and it ended up being a lot of work.  I'm keeping this baby on until it starts to chip.   Good thing I have other posts scheduled after this one.

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