Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Subtle Ombre

It's the first day of Spring.  Spring and Summer are my two favorite seasons.  We started our little Spring garden.  Our sunflowers have already sprouted.  We have also planted carrots, tomatoes, cilantro, and marigolds.  It's always amazing to see how something starts from a tiny seed in dirt and grows into a beautiful plant or something we can eat at our dinner table. 
What I also enjoy about Spring is the pastel colors that are everywhere.  Today, I am wearing a subtle ombre using three of OPI's Softshades.  This was very hard to capture on camera. The gradient in person is more noticeable.  In pictures you barely can see it.  I tried different lighting to try and capture it and out of the 40+ photos, these were the best.  I initially started with being indecisive about which of my new Great and Powerful Oz softshade to paint on my nails.  The ombre trend is starting to show up around town and thought- hey, why not do an ombre with both colors.  I have Don't Burst my Bubble and I Theodora You.  I usually skip the tan shades like Glints of Glinda.  It's not flattering with my skin tone. 
I started off with 2 coats of Don't Burst My Bubble.  It's a pinkish white that self levels on the nail and is not streaky.  The next step I normally would do with a sponge, but since these are sheers, I painted directly onto the nails.  For this step, I pulled out I Pink I Love You from the 2009 Fairytale Bride collection.  It's a pink with a blue flash.  I kind of wanted my ombre to look like a bubble-hence the blue flash.  The last color is I Theodora You.  This is a more opaque pink and is the darkest pink in my entire stash of softshades. 

I'm really enjoying such a soft, delicate manicure.  My fingers even appear longer.  Have any of you tried any of the "Oz" colors yet and which is your favorite?

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