Monday, March 25, 2013

Hard Candy Pink Taffy

The Hard Candy "Candy Sprinkles" collection claims to be a group of top coats. They are sheer on the first coat, but they do build up to be opaque with two or more coats. I picked up Pink Taffy for my daughters. It reminded me of Barbie and Hello Kitty. Both characters now incorporate black with pink in their designs. Pink Taffy is pepto bismal pink with small pink, silver/white, and black glitter. A fun color that I predict my daughters will go through at least a couple bottles of. It's not really my type of color, so it's all theirs.

Here's a snapshot of a page from a Barbie Phonics book.  Barbie now wears black too!


  1. I like that colour a lot. Hope your daughters enjoy it!

    1. They love it! My oldest calls it the cupcake polish. :)