Monday, September 3, 2012

My Collection Part 1

It's September. Wow.  August just flew by. I've been wanting to do a post of my collection and have been going back and forth as to how I'm going to post them.  Most do it by color.  I haven't seen anyone do it by brand.  All my polish is stored by collections.  I like bottle uniformity and it makes it easier to find a color.   Right now all my polish and nail things are in separate containers stored throughout my room.  I'd love to get something similar to a helmer.  I've checked my craft store, Office Max, Target etc..nothing close. 

A-England and Essie are stored in OPI boxes on my dressor.  I consider these my "special polishes" since they are a little pricey for their bottle size.  A-England are the jewels of my entire collection.

Top row L-R Elaine, Tristam, Dragon
Bottom L-R Ascalon, Lady of the Lake, Morgan Le Fay, Merlin

Top L-R Turquoise and Caicos, Plumberry, Playdate
Bottom L-R Marshmallow, Shine of the Times, Mademoiselle, Bikini So Teeny

Milani polishes are great for that little something extra on a manicure.  These were all intentional buys.  All the polishes from here after are stored in a big caboodles case (yep, I still have mine).  Those were awesome.  I wish they would revive the whole caboodles line again.

L-R One Coat Glitters in Silver Dazzle and Purple Gleam (used for frankening)
Jewel FX in Hot Pink, Teal, and Lavender

L-R 3D Holographics in Cyberspace, HD, Hi-Tech, and Hi-Res
(the first holos I could find anywhere)

These are frankens that are kept with the other Milanis.
Jewel FX Red, Boris revamped, Jewel FX Gems mixed with white,
Galaxy franken in a Color Institure bottle

Nicole A Million Sparkles and Step 2 the Beat of My <3 (frankened)
Revlon Scented in Raspberry Rapture,
Expressionists in Blue Mosaic and Facets of Fuscia (2 favs of mine)

Icing Holo glitters in Glamourous and Epic Winning
NYX Girls in Maven and Dreamy Glitter
NYC Starry Silver Glitter x2 (because it's that pretty and it was only .79)
These are my randoms
Avon Gleaming Gold, WNW Fantasy Makers Glow in the Dark,
MAC Dark Angel, Hard Candy Beetle, SH French Tip White
Color Institute.  They came in a giftset and don't have names

California Colors (these are sometimes on sale for .59)
These are nameless. 

Okay, that's it for today. I'll have all my Sally Hansens and Wet n Wilds posted on Wednesday followed by Franken Friday.  Have a great Labor Day!


  1. I love seeing stash photos! Storing by brand is my preference, too--I have them by color right now while I'm working on my big swatching project and it's driving me a bit nuts to have the jumble of bottle styles in each drawer. (I have Helmers--thank goodness I live close to an IKEA.)

    P.S. Not sure you're aware you've got word verification turned on for comments--thought I'd let you know since it can be hard for people (like me) to navigate through it. I have mine turned off and haven't really had any big issues with spam comments.

  2. Thank you for commenting and also letting me know about the word verification. I turned it off.