Friday, September 7, 2012

Franken Friday "Blue My Mind"

It's week 7 of Franken Friday.  This is OPI Blue My Mind with a fair amount of Spark De Triomphe mixed in.  Blue My Mind is a shimmery royal blue. It resembles satin.  I've had this for awhile and the polish level had gone down about almost a third.  Since I didn't like using SDT on its own, I filled Blue My Mind with it.  The gold glitter just added to the beauty of the color.  It reminds me of a starry sky or a wizards robe.  The blue used to be slightly darker but the change is barely noticeable.

This was taken outside on my way to the car.  My neighbors must think I'm crazy since I'm always outside trying to get a good pic of my nails.  I had an additional indoor picture, but it refused to upload.

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