Monday, September 17, 2012

A-England Elaine 4-way

This week I have something different that I've been working on.  There are some polishes that are my favorites and I keep going to those colors even though I have a bunch of untrieds.  I don't want to be a repeat offender when blogging so I came up with a 4-way segment that I will post from time to time.  It's 1 polish worn 4 different ways.  This week I'll have a post every day showcasing the lovely Elaine from A-England.  Such a lovely med/dark purple that goes on smoothly in one coat.  I enjoy just painting it on with it's smooth, pigmented formula.  There is going to be a layering, gradient with stamping, a transformation of the color itself, and a simple gem accent.  Today I will just show a swatch of the color as is.  I am having trouble downloading pictures.  At the moment, this program is refusing some of the downloads. They are all jpegs so I don't see why some will go through while others cannot.  The only way I could get todays pic uploaded was by transferring it to my IPad and then adding it to my post.  I'm doing double steps on something that should be really fast.

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