Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A-England Elaine (layered)

Hello everyone,
This is Elaine with OPI Pirouette My Whistle layered over.  Piroutte is so delicate and sparkly and pairs very well with Elaine.  The round glitter stands out and reminds me of a snowglobe.  I've been pretty busy lately and layering has been my go to technique.  People say as your child grows out of their baby stage it gets easier.  In some way it does, but then it goes into a different level of busy.  I still have 2 girls who demand and need my attention.  There are no nap times anymore so there goes quiet time.  I'm always on the go at this new stage.  When I'm home, I'm working with the girls on letter recognition and learning to read (did I mention that there is also laundry and housework that never seems to end). Some new activity or situation is always popping up. I'm also taking a class as church.  Sometimes things get backed up and then I feel overwhelmed with everything.  I'm still adjusting and trying to find my balance with the change. 

This is in direct sunlight. 
This lightbox pic shows more of the "twinkle" effect.


  1. Change is hard. I hope you can get more time. I like it with a sparkle.

  2. Sometimes I feel like I'm going in circles. Pirouette my Whistle is one of my favorite topcoat glitters.