Monday, April 29, 2013

Venus Di Violet Working Hands

As you can see my nails are now short and in terrible condition.  They have been very soft and prone to tears recently.  I just finished Spring cleaning for my garage sale this weekend.  I cleaned through the entire house and left nothing untouched.  How does things accumulate so fast.  All closets and cabinets are now neat and orderly.  That took a toll on my nails.  Also, my little one will soon be four years old and I am prepping all the activities and games for her party.  Totaling about thirty children if everyone attends.  Crazy, I know.  She is in preschool and made a lot of friends.  It's My Little Pony themed.  One activity is pony decorating.  I cut 30 ponies from cardstock and now need to make about 35 yarn tails so they can pick what color tail to add to their pony.  There are four additional activities I need to prep.  My car has also been giving me problems and completely died on Saturday.  I NEED MY CAR!!!  It's my starter.  The shop is now repairing it.  I will be doing some walking in the mean time.  My daughter is excited because she can ride her bike on the street for now. 
I took these aweful pictures in 7 a.m. overcast natural light.  I've had these on for several days.  I need a mani/pedi badly.  The pinkie is a jelly that I frankened using Step 2 the Beat of My <3 by Nicole and Siberian Nights.  Pointer and ring is a coat of Steady as She Rose with a coat of Venus Di Violet over.  Middle is Siberian Nights with a coat of Venus Di Violet.  There was some dragging but it gave it a nice effect.  Stamping was with When Stars Collide from the recent China Glaze Hologlam collection.  When my nails grow back, I want to redo this because the combo is very pretty. It does shimmer in the sunlight and I want to show you the effect. 

Venus Di Violet from OPI is close in color to Steady as She Rose, but with a purple shimmer.  It is semi sheer and would need 2-4 coats depending on how you apply it.  I recently found it at a Salon and was very excited.  I felt like I found treasure or something.  I had never heard of it before.  It was originally from the 2001 Collezione Italiana and rereleased in Summer 2009 Colorcopia collection.  Its finding polishes like this that I collect polish and not radomly buy polishes.  I had spent most of 2010 finding past OPI collections.  It was exciting looking up small salons all over and seeing what they still had and giving my want lists to people.  A lot of people are just as passionate and helped me with my list.
Whew that was long.  I have more to say, but I better save it for the next post.  If you are still reading this, thank you.

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