Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Moody Nails

I usually change my nails to match my mood.  In the evening, I had on Softshade Skittles.  It was light and pretty.  The next morning, it looked quite irratating and I removed it immediately.  Right now, I have my polish in groups.  A basket of Summer shades, a basket for Spring.  All others are in their designated place in my nail cabinet.  There was nothing I felt like in either basket and wanted a dark Fall shade instead.  In the pictures it looks black.  This is two "sister" colors.  Both OPI.  My pinkie and pointer is DS Mystery-a dark purple with fine gold glitter.  Middle and ring is Live and Let Die  from the holiday Skyfall collection.  It is a dark green/teal with the same fine gold glitter.  The stamping is with Konad plate m77 and Sally Hansen X-treme Wear in Golden-I (a polish reserved just for stamping).  In person, both colors are obvious.  On camera it just looks black.  I tried taking pics in the lightbox-didn't make a difference.  Tried lightening the photos, adjusting color balance.  Still black.  Oh well.  I am happy with my "moody" nails.



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