Monday, April 22, 2013

Chrome Fishtail Braid

Happy Earth Day everyone.  All last week, both my daughters have been learning about endagered animals, oil spills, pollution, how planting trees affect our environment, etc..  All leading up to Earth Day. It's so great listening to them excitedly explain everything.  We recycle and garden at home, I tell them about littering and taking care of our environment, and  they watch shows that enforce all those things.  Somehow, it seems more important when their teacher tells them at school.  Like yeah, mom does know what she's talking about.  I'm excited to hear all about their day when I pick them up this afternoon. 
 This is my first fishtail design on myself.  I usually do my daughters big toe as a fishtail braid. I started with a coat of Unpredictable as the base color. Then alternated between No Plain Jane, Unpredictable, and Swanky Silk from the China Glaze Bohemian Lustre Chrome set.  Using different finishes of polish will make a more outstanding design.  I liked using all chromes because it resembles printed silk.  To me anyway.

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