Saturday, June 2, 2012

Swimsuit, Nailed It

This is my second runny polish in a row.  That, or I can't paint my nails at night.  I changed my dark polish for a poolside color.  My daughter just started her swimming lessons.  I wanted something bright on my nails when I sit by the pool (even though my mood says another round of My Private Jet).  My thumbnail broke and all my nails got a trim.  What better time than to use "Swimsuit, Nailed It" from last years OPI Miss Universe.  I passed up on it last summer and then regretted it.  Last month, I saw several bottles in my favorite salon and was totally excited.  I've been wearing it on my toes for the last couple weeks.  "Swimsuit, Nailed It" is a beautiful foil that is perfect for summer. 

After a couple days I added Servin Up Sparkle to bling it up a little.  The holographic glitter is super sparkly in the sun.   When my nails are this short, I like to keep my nails simple and skip the stamping or shatters.  I prefer adding glitter or just using one color.  It's just my personal preference on my own nails.  I kind of like my nails at this length.  It makes it easier to type.

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  1. I love swimsuit I nailed it, its one of my favorites!!!!