Sunday, June 3, 2012

Pacific Blue/Shine of the Times

I felt like another bright summer blue.  I haven't used this bold, cornflower blue since last summer.  It's a one coater, but I used 2 coats out of habit.  I added Essie Shine of the Times.  Now this color practically glows.  I failed to catch the iridescence on camera.  It shines blue, orange, and green.  These two polishes are perfect for each other.  

This pic is color accurate.  Shine of the Times lightens Pacific Blue

I edited this pic to show the iridescent flakies.

I am just loving this manicure.  It's very eye-catching.  I was going to retire my Pacific Blue to my nail art box but I now have a change of heart.  Essie Shine of the Times has revived my appreciation for this blue.  I wish I could have caught on camera the brilliance of this combo.  I highly recommend trying this.

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