Friday, June 15, 2012

Just Spotted The Lizard

This month I'm on a low buy.  This is one of the three that I picked up this month.  So far I am not disappointed.  Just Spotted the Lizard is such a beautiful duochrome that shifts between gold, orange, green, and a bluish green.  It has a mirror shine finish.  As much as I am loving this polish, it is a bit tricky to apply.  It's very unforgiving.  My nail bed has some unevenness which is highlighted by this polish.  Just Spotted the Lizard shows brushstrokes too, so application needs to be straight with minimal strokes.  I still think Just Spotted the Lizard is a great addition to my collection.  

I tried stamping with black but immediately removed it.  It just didn't seem right to cover (partially) such a beautiful color.  I am just enjoying the duochrome effect right now.  In the future I will try some sort of nail art with it.  I also want to apply Just Spotted the Lizard a little better.  The pictures look horrible, in person it's not so bad.  It looks fine.  The pics magnify everything.  As I'm typing this, the sun is setting and my nails are a beautiful chrome gold.  Absolutely gorgeous! I highly recommend this polish.  

1 comment:

  1. I have this ne but havent worn it yet. It looks likes its goldish or greenish in your pics. I like it! Cant wait to wear mine now!