Friday, July 22, 2011

OPI Sparkle-icious

IThis picture is not that great.  I took it in the sun and couldn't see the screen.  I felt like somrthing festive so I used Sparkle-icious from OPIs Burlesque  and did a Konad design.  I thought it would look like streamers. Of course it was completely different than I envisioned it.  The polish chipped fairly quick and I didn't get a chance to retake the picture before it happened. I removed it today.  This picture is from Tuesday (four days ago).  It's looks so pretty in the bottle but this is my second manicure with this polish and it doesn't look right on my nails somehow.   I still really like this polish.  
Removal was very easy.  I used 3 cotton balls torn in half and tin foil.  I soaked each half cotton ball with acetone remover and held it in place by covering my nail with tin foil.  Not even 5 min later the polish was completely off.  I didn't resoak the balls, I flipped them over and repeated on my other hand.   I had looked this up online and it works amazingly. 

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