Friday, July 8, 2011

OPI Houstan We Have a Purple, OPI The Show Must Go On, Extra-va-vaganza, White Shatter

"Houstan We Have A Purple"
I picked this color up on Wednesday and tried it on that night.  Its from the Texas collection for this Spring/Summer.  I wasn't interested in this set until I recently heard that six of the colors had a new "sorbet" formula.  I decided to try one out and went with the purple. This is the only one I'm getting since I really don't like the other colors
 It's dark in the bottle and you can't tell that its slightly translucent.  It goes on smooth and dries super shiny.  This is 2 coats.  I tried to do an orange Konad tip but it didn't show and then I tried a red design and you couldn't see it.  That ruined the manicure so I took it off.  Removal was very easy. I will be using this polish a lot since it is very versatile.  I want to try putting a Konad design under it to see if it looks like something floating in a jelly candy.  I hope they do another sorbet set with a better variety of colors. I wouldn't mind a bright blue or a caramel orange.

"The Show Must Go On"
How true.  I didn't want bare nails for the day.  After I removed my new sorbet polish I continued with my July red theme.  This is last Dec Burlesque Collection.  This color is always changing.  It looked dark red when I bought it, the next day it was more of an orange tone, when I painted it on, it was a pinkish color with no trace of orange.  Sadly I didn't keep it on too long either.  I applied white shatter over and it didn't shatter.  It was more of a haze.  I used too little polish and put too much pressure on the brush.  This was my second failed try with this shatter.  No pic because it was awful.

"Extra Va-Vaganza"

Third time is a charm.  Another color from the Burlesque collection.  This is two coats.  Its not as loud as I thought this glitter would be (which is great).  Its one that I think could be used year round because its about as neutral as a glitter can get.  It goes good with my skin tone.  The edges of my finger are red because I didn't completely remove The Show Must Go On.  I was rushing and planned on giving the white shatter one more try.

White Shatter

Okay. It finally worked for me.  Black,silver, and white shatter all have their own formulas.  They apply so differently.  Black shatter is the best for me.  This white I have mixed reviews.  I had to apply it thick and with  a light touch.  It shatters more like a crushed candy.  It is not goopy like the black and goes on smooth.  Thats probably why I was applying it too thin at first.  I have the urge too scrape it off like peeling paint but yet I want try it with more colors.

As I'm typing this today, my pointer finger already is chipped after doing dishes.  I applied the gliiter on thin but I didn't use my usual OPI natural nail base coat and had remnents of my previous polish

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