Saturday, July 23, 2011

OPI Fiercely Fiona and "The August Blues" preview

Another day, another manicure.  I removed the depressing "suede/silver shatter" and decided to go for something fun and summery even though it's cloudy and rainy.  This is from the OPI Shrek collection of last year.  "Fiercely Fiona"-it's the color of Fiona's skin tone.  My daughter has the toy to compare.                                            I used 2 coats but it could've used a third to even out the streaks.  Streaks are normal with this type of color.  On that note is also wasn't as streaky as some other pastels.  I thought it applied well.    I like this yellow/green better than a normal yellow because its not blinding on my fingertips.  This is my 3rd manicure with this color but the first time I'm posting it.  I've been wanting to do this watermelon stamp and "Fiercely Fiona" is a good base color.  The stamp is from Konas plate m55.  It includes a variety of summer fruits.  The colors did smudge when I added a top coat (a random mini bottle that said top coat).  I decided to add gems to distract from the smudging. I might keep this on until August.  If not, I'll use Paint my Moji-Toes Red (OPI South Beach 2009) to finish off the month.  It's been on my toes all of July and never made it to my fingertips.
Fiercely Fiona, Paint My Moji-Toes Red, Konad Special Polish -Green

This is a preview of my "Blue collection".  I lined them up for August.  Blue is the color I'm most drawn to when buying polish.  (Left to Right)  CA Colors #47, SH XTWear  "Blizzard Blue", OPI Burlesque "Simmer and Shimmer", Milani 3D "Cyberspace", my own Frankenpolish, OPI "No Room for the Blues", OPI Katy Perry "Last Friday Night" (my favorite), SHXTWear "Pacific Blue", SHXTWear "Deep Blue Sea", another Frankenpolish I mixed, OPI "Blue my Mind", and OPI DS "Fantasy"   

I still want to get a pastel blue like "What's with the Cattitude" and next month OPI has a bright turquoise foil to be released "Swimsuit, I Nailed It" from the upcoming Miss Universe.  I know that some mainland shops have this collection out but here in Hawaii, I don't expect to see it til the end of August.  I'm telling myself I won't buy it....but when I go to pick up "It's My Year" (a light purple shimmer from the same set) I will probably get it too.  I just really like blue polish.

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