Friday, August 3, 2012

Franken Friday and Layering

Happy Friday! Todays franken is a Sally Hansen French Tip stark white that I never use mixed with a bit of "Skull and Glossbones" from OPIs The Pirates of the Carribean.  I've had my eye on "My Boyfriend Scales Walls" from the OPI Amazing Spiderman collection for a time and just can't justify paying $8.50 for a color I will rarely use.  However, I needed this color as a base for a stamping idea I had.  The formula is definitely not I dupe, but I am satisfied with the shade result.  I needed 3 coats to even out streakiness.

The stamping idea I had in mind was an epic fail that is too awful to show you.  The more I added to it, the worse it became.  I needed to remove the entire thing and didn't have time to redo all the layers.

Of course, I can't leave you for the weekend with just one picture of an off white polish.  I had a layering mani idea lined up to do for my Tues post.  I decided to paint it on now and redo my stamping for Tues instead.  This is 3 colors layered. 

  • Seche Vite base coat
  • 2 coats OPI Siberian Nights
  • 1 coat OPI Color To Watch
  • 1 coat NYX Dreamy Glitter
  • 1 coat Revlon Quick Dry Top coat

The result turned into a frosty blue that kind of resembles "Into The Night" from the Amazing Spiderman.  I was picturing a purple/blue duochrome effect that leaned more purple.  It has depth and looks spacey and magical.  Love it!  Next time though, I'll save myself the layering and just use Dreamy Glitter over Into the Night.

Here is the bottle shots.  The blue flash in Color to Watch became dominant over the dark purple Siberian Nights..



  1. Very cool! It looks like the midnight sky!!

  2. Thank you. It is subsiding my lemming for the Revlon Moon Candy collection. I've been checking Walgreens weekly.