Monday, August 20, 2012

A-England Dragon

My green polish stash is growing! Dragon is my latest addition.  It is a scattered holo that is also a duochrome. This is a one coater, but I did 2 to bring out the orange duochrome.  I wanted to do some stamping, but changed my mind because the color shift was so pretty to look at.   I have never seen a green polish like it! I was trying to catch the duochrome/holo on camera, but it has been cloudy and I wasn't able to take an outdoor pic.

Do any of you have a favorite go to green polish?


  1. Very pretty! Is there some black in it? I would buy this one. I dont have a go to green but now that you mentioned it I will decide on one.

  2. No black in it. Just green, orange, and a hint of gold. It's gorgeous in person. Especially in sunlight.

    1. Sorry, I was on my phine looking and thats why it looked kinda black but now i see its green duh!:0)