Saturday, July 14, 2012

Wet N Wild Twining Vines

I finally got around to swatching Twining Vines. I've been looking at it on my dressor for the longest time.  It came with the Spring Limited Edition Wet n Wild Flora set (ironically I'm using the entire set today).  I picked up both Flora and Fauna.  I collect Wet n Wild eyeshadows so the polish was a bonus. 
Twining Vines is a lime green foil with a bit of yellow glitter.  In certain lighting the color looks more yellowish than green.  I'm wearing it as a pedicure at the moment and it leans more towards yellow-green.  On my nails, it's definitely green foil.  Twining Vines is slightly sheer, 2 thick coats made it opaque. 

This pic shows the sporadic yellow glitter.   I wouldn't mind
a yellow foil like this.

I started using Out the Door as a top coat and noticed that it's been
shrinking the polish away from the tips. 

I did some sample stamping with my new Bundle Monster plates. 
Pinkie BM-310, Index BM-301, Middle BM-312, Pointer BM-322.

I've been trying to figure this one out.  It's a skull over 3 smaller skulls with stars (didn't transfer) above,  Not sure if it's leaves or ghosts on the sides.

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