Friday, July 27, 2012

Franken Fridays

I'm starting something new on Fridays.  I have a dozen frankens that I've created over the last year and haven't gotten around to wearing them as full manicures.   This is why I'm doing Franken Fridays, so I can test them out and see if I actually like what I've created.  Some are just tweaks to update the color, while some became a completely different polish.
First up is Revlon's Blue Mosaic.  This was a fav of mine last year when it was first released.  I used half the bottle and then panicked because it was a limited edition.  It's available again due to a rerelease under a different name.  I had some Milani Blue Flash left over from my obsession to create a dupe for Absolutely Alice and filled Blue Mosaic with it.  Now the hexagon glitters are slightly sparse, which really isn't that noticeable. Satisfied, I happily stored my full bottle away.
Now that I'm actually wearing it-I'VE CREATED A MONSTER!  A streaky, patchy monster that refuses to dry with a single thin coat.  I used Out The Door to dry the first coat and then puddled the polish on to fill the patches and make it opaque.  Two more coats of Out The Door and now, for some odd reason, my tips are cloudy. 

After the polish finally dried, the cloudiness went away
and it now shows shrinkage at the tips.

I added some Salon Express turtle stamping.  I stamped outdoors with a slight
breeze.  Not recommended.  I restamped several times.  The polish dried too fast and
had trouble transferrring. 

Blue Mosaic will go back to the lab for further tests and experiments.  I've seem to collected a number of blue glitter polish that are looking all too similar.  I need some variations (insert Mad Scientist laugh here).


  1. heheheh the colour looks nice. I wonder what more "tests" are you going to do to this colour :)

    1. I want to try some layering and then pick a couple base shades to mix this with. I also am hoping to speed the drying time of this polish by adding another color that dries fast. I love to experiment! :)